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2/14/11 02:28 am - Like A Man

Something I'm proud about.............................................

(be ready i'm gonna spazz and sounds like a fangirl)


I rmb this is one of the live performance videos that arouses my curiousity and admiration on SHINee

I used to think Jjong and Key's vocals blended best in the group until I see some Onhyun live performances - music/radio shows....
okay my opinion changes (really fast). Hahaha Jongkey works better on skinship ㅋㅋㅋ



What are Singaporean guys doing when they are 17? 18?
AISH. 青春阿~~

Jinki ah, you really look more normal when you are singing
Despite Meannie keep 'throwing' her lovely dubu oppa to me, and me kept denying my love to him
actually my motive is to make the existence of "口是心非" useful hahaah

I mean.... I admire his vocal. I like him. I like his dumbness and seriously he never fail to make me laugh.
LAUGH HARD REALLY HARD (in the middle of the night)
He is just practically dumb and clumsy but being interesting and attractive in his own dumb and clumsy manner

(this post is publicise specially for Meannie Kok. LOL)
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